Wicked NRG, Wicked Life

Growing up around Health and Fitness my whole life, it only seemed fitting that I (Vanessa) would one day own my own Nutrition store.
Six years ago Wicked NRG opened in Stuart Park, giving the local Darwin people something they didn’t have – a Supplement and Nutrition Warehouse – Great Brands, Warehouse Prices and great advice from years of being in and around the industry.
As the Natural Food Revolution continued to grow, Wicked NRG organically grew into having more and more Organic and Natural Wholefoods and this section now takes up around half of the stores.
Newbies to Wicked NRG, some of whom have been forced into a visit from a well intending friend, are hugely surprised and extremely happy their forceful friend made them join them on their trip to Wicked. On a daily basis, we have over the moon people who have finally taken the chance to walk through the door, as they enter a world of Organic Nuts, Seeds, Flours, Superfoods, Oils,
Greens, Paleo Foods, Vegan Foods, Sauerkrauts, Kombuchas, Vinegars, Nut Pastes, Spices, Sweeteners, no-nasties skin care and deoderants, and so much more…….. We have forgotten how amazing Organic Tastes.
And to be totally honest, our local Bodybuilders and Sports enthusiast understand, more than anyone, how important proper nutrition can greatly assist their results and recovery – yes they use Protein Powder and Amino Acids, but the majority of their Nutrition is clean eating. Oh and for those that do not understand Supplements, as such, in the know doctors are now using Glutamine (my favourite Amino Acid) to heal the gut lining, for gut health and for immune boosting, and that is only smidge of what Glutamine is useful for.
When Belinda Marshall’s (my bestie) neice, who is a chocoholic with a heap of allergies, starting testing out raw treats as a replacement for Cadburys, it started a chain reaction of ridiculous proportions, into what is now the Cult of Chia & Me. I call it a Cult because I get the joy of selling these amazing treats every day to people who’s faces light up with the mere deliciousness of the “Bounty Ball”, let alone the numerous hilarious stories I could tell about people missing out on their favourite flavour by mere seconds.
What started as a Hobby has now flourished into a not so little business and continues to grow each month as each Cult follower spreads the word of the Organic Healthy Happiness
that Chia & Me provides.
You can only buy these amazing treats at either of the Wicked NRG Stores, as 70% of the ingredients come from the Organic Wholefood section.
So don’t be shy POP into either of our stores, Stuart Park and Yarrawonga Village, and open up your world to a Healthier Nourished Life.

You can find us both on the Worldwide Web wickedrng.com.au and chiaandme.com.au and Facebook WickedNRGSupps and Chiaandme and of course Instagram WickedNRGNutand Chia&Me.
Stuart Park: 51 Stuart Highway, Stuart Park | (08) 8941 0777
Yarrawonga: Shop 10/5 McKenzie Pl, Yarrawonga (08) 8983 2388

Only you have the Power be the Best Version of Yourself and we are here to help you.