Dundee… All you need is a good book and your...

Dundee… All you need is a good book and your fishing gear.

Dundee Beach was nothing more than that 30 years ago – a pristine beach overlooking Fog Bay.
Today, it is a much-loved getaway only 1.5 hours drive from Darwin.
There are now 400 residents, a few places to stay, a bar, restaurant, little school, volunteer fire brigade, social club, a dry season market and, of course, a boat ramp.
But the community isn’t so big that it’s lost the small-town charm that makes the place so attractive to city dwellers.
Everybody knows everybody. There’s a friendly, laidback ambience that makes it ideal for a relaxing break. The main business at Dundee is tourism and the main pastime fishing. Guests can stay in lodges, rent private homes or camp. Most places will even welcome your dog. There are tours to nearby attractions, such as Tipperary Station, and boat hire. And there’s a touch of history. One of Australia’s earliest artifacts of European origin was found by a 13-year-old schoolboy on Dundee Beach in 2010.
It was at first believed to be a Portuguese swivel gun dating from the 1500s, more than 300 years before Europeans are supposed to have arrived in what is now the Northern Territory. But the spoilsports at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory analysed sand inside the gun’s barrel and date the weapon to about 1750, which is still 20 years before Captain James Cook landed at what is now Sydney.
The museum believes the gun was dropped overboard by Makassan traders harvesting trepang.
With or without an ancient gun to boast about, Dundee is a perfect spot for a holiday with a difference.