Tips and Tricks: School Lunch Box treats.

Tips and Tricks: School Lunch Box treats.

Remove the stress of sorting out your child’s school lunches with these healthy lunchbox tips.

Be Prepared

Due to the increasing number of food allergies and intolerances, most schools have list of foods that aren’t permitted in your children’s lunchboxes. Start by familiarising yourself with this list before your child starts school. The other thing that is extremely useful to know is if the school has microwaves or fridge facilities as this will determine your choice of lunch items and lunchbox storage.

Make your own Muesli Bars

Not only are the store-bought ones ridiculously high in sugar, but you can save yourself a bit of money by making your own. There are even some fantastic recipes out there that are nut free and require no baking.

Birthday special

Add a special touch to your child’s birthday by wrapping their individual lunch items in gift wrap.

Pop in a Hardboiled Egg

Since they are packed full of healthy fats and protein, eggs provide a satisfying snack as well as a tasty and nutritious one.

Little food for little people

Packing portions into smaller separate containers will allow your child to choose to eat only one thing at a time meaning it’s easier for them to grab a snack on the go.

A water-bottle is essential

If your child’s school doesn’t have fridges available, a frozen water bottle or juice box alongside the food will provide a great way to keep lunches extra cool. Alternatively, a frozen water-soaked sponge in a zip lock bag makes a great ice-pack.

Ditch the sandwich

Tired of finding un-eaten sandwiches in your child’s lunchbox? Forget them altogether and make pinwheels! Instead spread a tortilla with tuna and avocado – or anything you like and simply roll it up.

Jazz it up

Cookie cutters are great for cutting up things like fruit or cheese because according to kid’s food shaped like tiny stars is 100% tastier.