Darwin Waterfront – Christmas Gifts and Func...

Darwin Waterfront – Christmas Gifts and Functions

Apart from the joy on children’s faces, there is only one pleasure greater at Christmas than receiving a lovely gift – and that’s giving a lovely gift. But, let’s be honest, with buying gifts comes stress.

Some people give specific instructions about what they want for Christmas. Some even go into the shop and have the item put aside.But most people – even close friends and loved family members – think that takes away the joy of receiving a gift, the serendipity of it all.Well, there are gifts galore to be bought at Darwin’s Waterfront. And there are plenty of places to hold a Christmas bash.In fact, you’re spoiled for choice on both counts.Gift giving is an old practice, perhaps dating back to the ancient Roman holiday of Saturnalia, a party that started on the winter solstice.

Wine was drunk (in copious amounts, apparently), food was eaten (also in copious amounts) and friends gave small gag-gifts to each other.The modern ritual of gift giving only emerged in the 19th century as Christmas became a more widespread holiday once the world had begun to interconnect as it is today. Retailers then saw a chance to capitalise on the holiday and soon the world saw Christmas advertising and products made especially for the season. By the mid-1900s, December had become dedicated to the purchase of gifts and celebration of the season. There was no stopping the spirit of Christmas. The Waterfront’s Pearl Galleria is a hub for high-quality jewellery and accessories, a place to buy something a bit different, such as South Sea pearls.

Pearl Galleria is run by the irrepressibly cheerful Gaynor Beck, the proud winner of the Young Achiever of the Year Award who now uses her skills to design beautiful and unique jewellery. The interesting little shop also offers repairs, remodelling and rethreading. The Pearl Galleria is a perfect place for affordable gifts that feel classy and tropical. But Christmas is not just about giving and receiving gifts, and enjoying yourself at office parties – it’s a time to look good. The Waterfront has the multi-award winning Scalpt Hair, a luxury salon and boutique that provides a myriad of hair-styling products. The salon specialises in renowned brands such as L‘Oréal and Kérastase. Shine Gifts, often described as a “browser’s paradise”, is packed with potential Christmas presents – from jewellery to fashion to home décor. It’s the perfect place to wander until the perfect gift catches your eye. The shop’s fashion range is truly tropical, featuring vibrant colours and designs. And the wide range of jewellery includes gorgeous pearls and opals intricately blended with precious metals.

The Waterfront isn’t only chic and style – it also has gifts for the adventurous. Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski stocks all the best surf brands from Billabong to Ripcurl, plus stylish surf wear.The Waterfront provides membership for discounts on almost everything. For an annual fee starting from $50, the Waterfront offers a minimum 10 percent discount on 40 services in the atmospheric shopping and eating precinct as well as a 30 percent discount at Big Buoy Water Park. For families looking for a day out, gifts for the relatives, extra special hotel rates, extended free parking, year round access to the Wave Lagoon and more, the Waterfront also offers a deal for only $125 and the same benefits.With the Waterfront’s eclectic collection of boutiques just at the edge of the city, venture out and explore the shops for that perfect gift. Something a friend and loved one will remember. After all, Christmas is about giving – so give something good.