Chow Vietnamese Restaurant

Chow is a deluxe restaurant in the heart of Darwin’s scenic Waterfront precinct.It proudly makes a meal of fresh, local produce to ensure quality in every dish. And throws in that most precious of ingredients – fun.

Chow serves big, steaming bowls of pho, lip-smacking laksas, tossed beef, grilled chicken, quirky cocktails and even whole coconuts. There’s a happy ambience about the place – a colourful mural, colourful dishes, cheerful staff and great food. Manager Grace Murphy has worked extensively with chefs and cooks in her history in the food service industry, gaining experience and expertise that she now applies in the day-to-day management of one of Darwin’s premiere Asian establishments. “Chow started as a whiff of inspiration,” she says. After seeing an open opportunity for Asian cuisine at the Waterfront, Chow set up shop, dedicated to a quality of South-East Asian food Darwin hadn’t seen.Chow serves food of all kinds. Their small-plate menu features appetisers for everyone, such as well-seasoned squid, sweet sugar cane prawns, marinated beef, spicy chicken wings and fresh oysters in lemongrass, lime, chilli and ginger.

The expansive dinner menu is filled with laksas, curries, beef dishes and noodles.Chow offers a full range of Asian dining, from the popular to the obscure.Grace describes the restaurant as “healthy, vibrant and tasty”. Asian food has always had a place in the heart of Darwin. Our neighbours to the north have shared countless recipes and food stylings, carving out a unique Aussie-Asian blend that has fed Darwinians for decades. The flavourful strengths of Asian food are evident in everything Chow puts on a plate. “I think Asian food is so popular in Darwin because it offers a tasty, colourful alternative that is full of flavour,” says Grace. Chow is most importantly a local business, taking advantage of the top-shelf ingredients from the Top End. “We at Chow support our local businesses,” says Grace. “Our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and local fresh fruit and veg markets.” Chow operates on simple principles: good food and good service. “People keep coming back to Chow because they know what they get: a good meal with a quality drink for a reasonable price, dished up with consistent outstanding service – and a smile.”

Tel: 08 8941 7625
Monday-Sunday – lunch 11.30am-2.30pm; dinner 5.30-9.30pm